Why Us?

Mike McLean has almost 25 years experience of living, cycling and guiding in India with Mountain Bike Kerala and looking for new adventures and creative ideas with Greenfrogindia.

Greenfrogindia was born with a sense of adventure. To recycle what we can, to design and create our own range of quality clothing and accessories and to showcase what we believe are the best of Indian produce made by others. 

 All our Greenfrogindia products are made in India. Our innertube products are made from old mountain bike tubes upcycled from our Mountain Bike Kerala Tours. Our t-shirts and ride shirts are made from technical fabrics designed to do the job and have been used and tested in the Himalaya, and in the tropics, on enthusiasts and pro-riders alike who have come back to us and said they love them.

All our other products have been hand-picked by us. These are designs and creations that we love and have been fortunate enough to discover whilst on our travels in India. The products you see on our site are all made by self-employed Indian-aritisans, mostly women working from home in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Frogger: The wallet to end all wallets.

A  super slender yet bombproof wallet that will last a lifetime..


What You Say About Our Products

Really happy with my Tadpole that arrived today. .

John Bushby

Great design and really well made. A wallet for life