Green Frog India Foundation

We here at Green Frog India are on a mission to give a bit back to the communities that we have lived in and worked alongside these last 20 years. We love our work in the cycling industry with our singletrack and adventure cycling tours over at Mountain Bike Kerala and with our specialist India tours at Green Frog India and of course here with our upcycled products and handcrafted range in our shop. We believe that we make a positive impact  with our tours  and through the products that we make with the emphasis firmly on keeping it local and that’s why we set up the Green Frog India Foundation.

The Green Frog India Foundation was set up to  to make reading, sports and games an  essential valued part of the communities growth with a firm belief that  children are the future of all our communities and through creating dedicated space for children’s libraries, provision of games and sports equipment we can make play a valued part in children's and adults lives. 20% of all profits made  generated through the sale of our products in our Green Frog India shop go direct to the GFi Foundation. The rest of any profit we make stays local so that’s invested in developing our cycling and non cycling tours, creating jobs and opportunities. You can also donate directly to GFI. For those who have loved our tours and continue to support us  or for those who have just recently discovered us through our products, as ever its a massive thanks.